Don’t risk losing a customer to a smelly, unsanitary restroom. Our no-touch cleaning system completely eliminates built up uric acid, soils, and odor causing bacteria.

Our goal is not to replace your daily restroom cleaning, but enhance it with customized periodic hygienic cleaning and sanitization.

Our 7-point No-touch Cleaning System guarantees hygienically cleaned restrooms: 

  • Sanitize all touch point contact surfaces.

  • Dust high point surfaces, air vents, pick up trash.

  • Apply automatically metered cleaning solution onto all fixtures (mirrors, sinks, urinals, toilets), splash points (walls & partitions), and floors.

  • Scrub high soil areas as needed including grout lines.

  • Pressure rinse all fixtures, splash points, and floors with fresh water

  • High flow fluid extraction from floors using wet vac.

  • Dry and polish all fixtures, touch points, and mirrors with high quality micro-fiber cloth.